Service Management 101

The term ‘true north’ is often been used to describe an organization’s strategic and philosophical vision or purpose (commonly in the form of a mission statement) supported by one or more measurable objectives, and strategies, tactics and programs for their achievement. This session reviews any existing such information and ensures it is appropriately customer centered and service related.

The objectives, strategies and tactics are developed as part of the Enable: Performance Excellence work stream, and specifically the ‘Leadership Objectives’ session. The timing for this element is dependent on the existence and completeness of the organization’s vision, value and objective statements.

Note: Where a leadership true north is absent or significantly deficient, this session generates an initial set of statements for subsequent and separate review and authorization.

Leadership and Senior Management, Service Management Office representatives.

Written statement of ‘Leadership True North’ representing the vision for the IT organization and top 3 strategic objectives.

Updated organization vision statement and list of management imperatives.

Onsite Presentation/Workshop

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Certification: None.

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